F-816B Common Rail Injector Test Bench(5.5KW/380V/3PHASE)with Europe flow sensor

F-816B Common Rail Injector Test Bench(5.5KW/380V/3PHASE)with Europe flow sensor

Features for F-816B common rail injector test bench:

1)It adopts high accuracy flow sensor import from Europe.

2)Standard F-816B model can test one injector at the same time(or on request by customers' requirements)

3)Install with brand new BOSCH original CP1 pump and BOSCH common rail,it can generate high pressure with 0-2000bar,and stablize the pressure with 10bar.

4)Rail pressure and RPM can be displayed on computer in real time.

5)Pulse width and frequency of the injectors can be adjusted.

6)Injection times can be set.

7)All injector drive channels have short circuit protection functions.

Functions of F-816B common rail injector test bench:

1)Application for solenoid common rail injectors BOSCH DENSO DELPHI SIEMENS and PIEZO electric injectors.

2)Clean the injectors while testing

3)Test sealing performance of the injectors

4)Test the fuel injection volume&back flow volume under working conditions of full lad,pre-injection,idle speed,emmision point.

5)Test result can be saved and printed.

6)Standard calibration data inset and can be edited, new injector model and data can be added into the system.

Technical parameters of F-816B Common Rail Injector Test Bench
Working Voltage AC380V/3PHASE/50-60HZ
Output Power 5.5kw
Rail Pressure Range 0-2000BAR
Rail pressure control accuracy +/-0.5MPA
Fuel Pump Rotation Speed 0-3000 rpm
Diesel Filter Accuracy <5u
Operation Language English

Other informations:

The inverter are very important to affect the the durable using time for a injector test bench,about 90% users' test benches' damage are caused by the inverters. To consider the most about our users,we use only LG/LS, TECO and DELTA inverters on the machines we sold!

We offer following clip common rail tools along with the machine with free cost:

Promotion Informtion

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Common Rail Injector Test Bench

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